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About Nurol Holding

After starting as Nurol Construction Company (Nurol İnşaat) in 1966 before continuing its way with activities in diverse industries subsequently, Nurol Holding A.Ş. was founded in 1989.

Headquartered in Ankara, Nurol Group Companies currently continue their activities in many countries around the world via domestic and international affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives and partnerships. Nurol continues its operations in many industries with about thirty companies and more than tens of thousands of employees from construction to defense, from machine manufacturing to production, and from tourism to finance. Additionally, it plans new investments in areas such as energy and technology, and maintains its operations regarding the privatization investments.

Although the Holding mainly focuses on the long term and permanent achievements, it currently maintains its position as the managerial, coordination and controlling position for all its companies. The Holding provides guidance to its group companies on subjects such as the efficient use of the synergy, productive use of the human resources, renewal of the information technologies through adaptation to the latest technologies, creation, appropriate transfer and assessment of the financial resources, and making strategic investment decisions.

Nurol Holding has been institutionalized on the basis of central management via industry coordinators reporting to a general coordinator, the chairmanships formed under the coordinators, its team of consultants and advisors, and its entire personnel, united as Nurol Family. The Holding continues transferring its knowledge and experience as well as its corporate culture and values to the next generations.

Firmly committed to contributing to the society and the country's economy as its main objective, Nurol Holding continues its support in many areas including mainly education, art and culture by assuming social responsibility projects.


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