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About Nurol REIT



Starting in 1966 with Nurol İnşaat construction company, and then diversifying its activities by venturing into several other different sectors, the Nurol Group of Companies is currently operating in five core sectors both in Turkey and abroad, ranging from construction to defense industry, from finance to tourism and energy, deriving strength from a significant wealth of business experience amassed over a half century. Operating with over 40 participations and subsidiaries, and employees above 10,000, the Nurol Group of Companies continues to stamp its imprint on several massive projects both at home and abroad.


Nurol Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş. (Nurol Real Estate Investment Trust – Nurol REIT) was launched in 1997, inspired by the corporate slogan of "investing in life." At present, the company is providing varied services in the fields of land, estate and property development, project design, and marketing and sales, supported by a highly qualified human capital and experienced staff. Currently, Nurol REIT’s portfolio of key projects is comprised of the following: Nurol Tower, Nurol Life and Nurol Park.

Identifying accurately the requirements, challenges and demands of the lifestyle and metropolis travails of the 21st century in due course of time, Nurol REIT continues to develop profitable real estate and property projects: at present, the Nurol Tower project, rising in the Çağlayan district, is patterned on the "HomeOfficeHome" concept, right at the heart of the metropolitan spread, coming forward prominently as an innovative blueprint making available a precise preference for the hard-pressed employees to use it either as a home or an office or alternately as a home-office. Moreover, the Nurol Life Seyrantepe project, commenced in the fast-sprawling and stellar Seyrantepe as a residential borough, is sited almost adjacent to the Türk Telekom Arena Stadium, and offers a luxurious and multi-function residence life with 466 housing units and 50 office premises, stretching on a land of 9,525 square meters. And, last but not least, the Nurol Park is situated on a precious land of 55,000 square meters which used to accommodate the Hürriyet media group’s building in Güneşli, and is primarily conceived as a mixed-use structural complex to respond virtually to all needs required of a modern urban life.


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