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Karum Business & Shopping Center

At the heart of the Capital... It is one of the main meeting points in Ankara for years…

One of Ankara’s firsts, Karum Business and Shopping Center was conceptualized as a project in 1986 along with the Sheraton Hotels & Towers Project in Ankara Gaziosmanpaşa. Karum which became operational in 1991 became one of the most important symbols of the capital city.

Located at the intersection of Ankara’s business, shopping, living and recreation areas, Karum soon had a loyal group of followers in a short span of time. Karum has a unique location at the intersection of Tunali Hilmi Boulevard, Arjantin Boulevard and Tahran Boulevard; in the same neighborhood as Sheraton and Hilton hotels, Kuğulu Park, some embassies and many government institutions.

Built as a shopping and business center where traditional Turkish architecture is combined with modern features with a contemporary approach, Karum has 382 shops, 103 offices and two parking floors and offers 27,000 square meters of leasable areas.

Web Site : http://www.karum.com.tr


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