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Nurol Plaza

At one of the most important intersections of the metropolis...

This unique project is designed based on the philosophy of creating productive and qualified work environments...

Nurol Plaza is located on the Levent-Maslak area which is preferred by big corporations, banks and financial institutions as the location of their headquarters.

Consisted of two blocks with the same features, the Nurol Plaza hosts 19 office floors with a space of 710 square meters, one installation-shelter-garage floor, three floors of car parking, and one building management floor in each blocks. The Nurol Plaza is managed by a professional team from RGM Turkey Real Estate Management and Operation Inc. The floors have a panoramic view of the Bosporus and the Black Sea, while offering views from different angles. 

In Nurol Plaza, all details required for an efficient, quality and safe working environment are in place. All kinds of mechanical breakdowns, problems in the ventilation systems and potential fire risks can be immediately detected and taken under control by the technical team. The building also has its own lightning conductor.

Nurol Plaza Contact Details

Adress :Büyükdere Cad. Nurol Plaza No:257 34498 - Maslak / Istanbul

Telephone: 0 212 286 09 86

Map: Please click for the map...


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