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Nurol Residence

The privilege of living in the Capital...

Complete security and unlimited comfort...

Now, there is a way of living at the heart of Ankara, which meets the richness of the city to nature with an elite architectural concept.

The real spirit of Nurol Residence comes from the recreated historical vineyard house.

And then

This 624 square meter apartment offers a 68 square meter terrace that you can enjoy the magnificent view, a 170 square meter living room that has an exit to the garden, six bedrooms each with its own private bathroom and a very special kitchen, exceeding your expectations from a house.

Our project also includes a parking garage and storage areas to offer you more places.

The security concept of Nurol Residence is based on the principle that providing protection against potential dangers without making you feel like you are being watched. The entire complex including open and closed spaces are monitored with cameras for 24 hours. You can have a safe access in various places such as elevators and other locations by scanning your fingerprints and using your vehicle identification cards that are recognized by control devices at the garages.

In the design of the project, all necessary measures against fire and flooding are taken into consideration.

The operational services of the Nurol Residence are provided by Karum Inc, one of the subsidiaries that Nurol Holding is proud of.

Nurol put its heart to this project.

Because that’s what Ankara deserves...


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